Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blog: The Quintessential Introduction

It's been awhile since I've had a blog or a journal. And when I did, I usually would flood the thing with posts, then give up on it after a few days and not touch it for a year or two.  When Diana asked me to write a couple of guest blogs for her, the process got me excited about attempting such a venture again.  It could be a way to display the writing I've newly discovered, having been so long neglected.  I would feel more inclined to write something, having a platform to share it on.  And in the process of writing more, I would hopefully work more on the novel I am currently working on with a friend of mine.

I suppose my biggest problem was that I felt like I always had to write about my day. How I was feeling.  Document. Post. Filed away for future feelings of nostalgia.  In the past, the most common reaction I had to such posts was "Oh god...what was I thinking?!" or simply "How embarrassing..."  I was a strange kid and a strange teenager...or at least that's how I fancied myself, and so most of my posts tended to have this gaudy sheen of "Trying too hard".  Oh well. Live and learn.

I've titled this blog "Musings of a Daydreamer" (I think I like the URL name better, although it doesn't have a nice ring to it as a blog title) because I really have found that when left alone, 99% of my time is occupied by daydreaming.  This is how some stories or songs are born.  How I set goals for myself.  How I entertain myself. How I work on my acting.  How I feed any emotional (sometimes literal if I'm suffering from carb withdrawl) cravings.  And from that usually comes some sort of creative output. Or at least it should.  You don't know how often I wish I could mentally write something and send it to the printer at home to go over later (hasn't Apple invented that yet?!).  But I think most artists feel that way.  Just imagine if you could paint something in your mind and have it automatically transferred to canvas.  Or compose a symphony and have scores neatly waiting for you after the last note has reverberated in the dome of your skull.

I digress.

This blog will be filled with a variety of content.   I had a problem finding a title for it for that reason, so perhaps I'll change it when I find something more suitable.  I'll use it to post short stories I've written, recount past experiences (primarily those that lead up to or have happened during my relocation to Munich, Germany), and any other things that may come to mind.

I will resist the temptation to tell my personal story off the bat, as I find the process to be taxing and the end result to be boring to the reader.  It's actually not that relevant in the grand scheme of things, and besides, isn't it more fun to discover such things for yourself?  A writer doesn't reveal everything about a character upon his or her first appearance, or at least they shouldn't. So why should this be any different? 

So with that, I leave this as my introductory post and in the next few days will attempt to learn the ropes of this new system as well as establish some sort of posting schedule.  I hope you enjoy my "a-musing daydreams".

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  1. Welcome to (your return to) the world of blogging. You have at least one interested reader in Singapore, so stop worrying!